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Debt settlement is an often neglected debt relief option, which comes as a surprise considering the fact that it's one of the most practical and one the easiest debt cures a debtor can ever take.Debt settlement does not exempt the debtor from the satisfaction of the main obligation.Debt Consolidation or Debt Settlement: How Best to Clear Your Debts by Joycelyn Crawford Debt can become a crippling weight on the shoulders of honest borrowers, so much so that eventually a deal is needed to clear the debt.

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Second mortgages are also often used by banks as collateral to secure small business credit lines and other non-real estate related debt.

In addition, a lender making a basically a larger unsecured loan to a consumer for non-real estate purposes (automobile financing, credit card debt consolidation or educational expenses for example) will sometimes request that they be granted a 2nd mortgage against the consumer’s real estate.

This is where the savings are secured, with required payments sometimes falling to just 30% of the actual debt figure.

Choosing consolidation loans means that 100% of the debt is repaid, so effectively no savings are made at all.

It does not involve agreeing any reduction in debt, and therefore no savings are made.

Basically, a consolidation loan is secured to repay all of the debts in one go.

But while debt consolidation has its advantages, in some situations debt settlement is the best option, not least because only a fraction of the debt needs to be repaid.

The essence of settlement is the negotiation that takes place prior to it.

Nevertheless, debt settlement remains as a good option for people who are in dire need to acquire some debt relief.

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