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Soon, she had handlers marketing her, selling interviews and juggling requests from the likes of Barbara Walters, Oprah Winfrey and Larry King."You can't imagine the onslaught of press from all over the world," says Mitchell's Vancouver-based manager, Sam Feldman. It's something out of a movie." The Joni-Kilauren saga is a story that has become too good for its own good.In the past few weeks, amid a blaze of media attention, mother and daughter have reunited, their high cheekbones, blue eyes and long blond hair framed side by side.

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Kilauren grew up in a world of private schools and country clubs and tropical vacations. She says that her parents did not tell her she was adopted until she was 27 and pregnant with her own child.

Kilauren then embarked on a frustrating five-year quest to track down her birth mother.

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When a pop legend found her long-lost daughter, a musical prophecy came true Born with the moon in Cancer Choose her a name she will answer to . "Weary of lies," as Joni sings in Little Green, she "signed all the papers in the family name," and sent her baby, Kelly Dale Anderson, into the unknown. Penned two decades before Mitchell's secret was finally exposed in a tabloid newspaper four years ago, Little Green was part private confession, part wishful prophecy.

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"It's an unparalleled emotional feeling." The story reads like a fairy tale. Mitchell, who is twice divorced, has not just gained a daughter, she has inherited an entire family, innocents who have found themselves in the spotlight at a time of tremendous emotional upheaval.

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