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Officers responded to 1 non-fatal overdose during the course of the shift 18- 18672 1529 hrs Delayed Burglary Residence 1671 N. Unknown persons entered the vacant residence and destroyed several walls while taking copper pipes within. Incident occurred sometime within the last several months.

18-18677 1559 hrs Delayed Burglary Residence 9 Via Lago Unknown person entered the residence within the past two days, via unsecured sliding glass door, and stole several fishing rods/reels.

18-18676 1604 hrs Overdose (Non-Fatal) 520 SE 21st Ave.

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18-018901 Burglary Residence (attempt) 140 SE 2nd Ave 1745 hours Officers responded to the report of an attempted burglary.

Officers met with the victim who showed officers two broken windows at the rear of the residence.

Officers canvassed the area and obtained video camera footage from... hours 18-016093 Burglary Delayed (Vehicle) 27545 S. Seacrest in reference to several shots (6/7 shots) fired. *** Units assisted the SWAT team with training at the Boynton Beach Mall*** Extremely low call volume through the entirety of shift. Both suspect(s) w/m Tony Adorno and w/f Monica Martinez were attempting to cash stolen checks for $750 and $285 using stolen passports at the Check Cashing Store.

18-016284 CCF/Poss Firearm-Ammo by Convicted Felon 1005 N Seacrest Blvd hours Officers were at the above location conducting an extra patrol. Further investigation revealed both items were taken in a Burglary during incident 18-018848 on April 5th, 2018. 18-019116 1837 hours Burglary Auto 728 Casa Loma Blvd.

They demanded he get out of the car, which he did, and then one of them drove out of the mall parking lot onto Congress Avenue.

Responding officers saw the car in the eastbound lanes of Boynton Beach Boulevard at the I-95 overpass.Tag HHZR46 and stole her Mac Book and i Phone 7 sometime overnight. The victim advised that it appeared that the suspect rummaged through the center console and glove compartment but did not take anything.The victim also said the suspect(s) did not make entry into the home.As officers initially attempted to make contact with Finklea, he fled on foot.Multiple units quickly arrived in the area and Finklea was taken into custody at NW 4th St and NW 10th Ave.The suspects got out of the car and jumped the guardrail, running down the embankment and across the railroad tracks.

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