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The bulk of the government spending comes from tax credits for deductions like mortgage interest, rental expenses, cancelled debt and business entertainment expenses totalled .5billion annually, according to the report.

Among the recommendations in his latest report are reducing or completely eliminating Social Security and unemployment payments to millionaires, along with the elimination of farm and conservation subsidies, and the development of means-testing for other government programs.

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Over 30 years and 12 studio albums, his band Bon Jovi have sold in excess of 130 million albums and played to more than 35 million fans in over 50 different countries.

Unlike the majority of their 1980s peers, their unapologetically accessible pop-rock has survived grunge, Britpop, nu-metal and everything else the music business could throw at them, without resorting to anything more drastic than a growing country-rock influence and some slightly more sensible haircuts.

‘I saw Les Misérables and it’s got those same optimistic choruses. ”’ According to Forbes, the band earned $60 million in the year to May 2012, but he has never let his own affluence affect what he has to say about the impact of the recession, pointing out that he grew up in blue-collar New Jersey (his parents, John Francis Sr and Carol, were ex-Marines who reinvented themselves as a barber and a florist, respectively).

‘It was post-civil rights movement, and the dawning of the Reagan era of [adopts Ronald Reagan voice], “Oh golly gosh, it’s good to be an American,”’ he says.

This year, Justin Timberlake was chosen to perform for the third time.

He appeared once with NSYNC in 2001 and again alongside Janet Jackson in 2004. After a year that was so politically charged (especially within the NFL), the choice of Justin Timberlake seemed like a miss.

The first words he utters are a growled ‘**** off’, when his PR informs him that he needs to have his photo taken.

He is preceded by his reputation – at least in the British press – as a sort of grumpy old man of rock.

The night before our interview, he had appeared on The One Show, playing a glass armonica (an unusual instrument in which a series of spinning glass bowls produce musical notes) and looking slightly bamboozled by the show’s format (‘We don’t have anything quite like that at home,’ he says).

Earlier in the day he had managed not to look too put-out when, at the press conference for Bon Jovi’s July show in Hyde Park, many journalists ignored the band to ask a representative from the concert promoters AEG questions about volume levels (last year, several Hyde Park concerts were disrupted by poor sound).

Jon Bon Jovi certainly enters the room like a rock star.

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