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Interviewee: Former presidential economics adviser Dr. Ali G gets some grammar tips from 60 Minutes pundit Andy Rooney.

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Borat's next stop is to visit Dating School and people skills guru Sharlene Talbot.

Boray next stop bborat to visit Dating School and people skills guru Sharlene Talbot.

Women also feel like protecting members of the opposite sex when they see them wearing revealing outfits, according to a new study.

Psychologist Kurt Gray, of the University of Maryland in the United States, said it would be absurd to think people's mental capacities fundamentally change when they remove clothing - but that is just what happens.

Various factors - including the amount of skin shown - can shift which type of mind we see in another person.

Prof Gray and his colleagues suggest that this effect occurs because people unconsciously think of minds and bodies as distinct, or even opposite, with the capacity to act and plan tied to the mind and the ability to experience or feel tied to the body.

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