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The effects are briefly summarized as below : A – Existing market for prostitution and labor would be damaged.

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therefore , this phenomenon could be chosen as priority to approve our knowledge about this issue.

It is obvious that more work is needed to better investigate its multifarious aspects.

4 – Side Effects of Human Exploitation on Victims: People who are removed from all their home cities, all their families and all their loves are being introduced in a new culture , sometimes with their wills and sometimes with force.

For these people, the missing the home or the change in the country are not the problems.

Very often, the victims are promised their freedom only after earning their purchase price, as well as their travel and visa costs, through prostitution([7]).

3-The Effects of Human Exploitation on the Country: Human exploitation has a lot of parts and every part are harmful .

C – Economic stability would be damaged with the increase in anti-money laundering. E – Corruption in government sector would increase at any condition.

F – Domestic economical investment stability would be damaged.

than European union adopted a recommendations on 8- may-2003 to set out the commissions’ approach by experts group on trafficking in human beings([6]).

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