Free web cam live redtube - Butterflies and love and dating

I am a natural blonde haired woman with the brightest green eyes you would have ever come across possible, when I am happy they shine so bright.

So, I will begin with telling you more about myself.

I have a wonderful relationship with my parents and my brother, though we all live separately.

I am incredibly proud and honored to be able to do the job that I do, as not only I am flexible with my work hours but I also get to do the job that inspires me every day.

Now this is really hard to describe to you what I am really for in a relationship.

I am more of a traditional sort of woman, I want to be the backbone of the relation and put my partner on the pedestal where he will feel like my treasured and adored person in the whole world.

I will give myself fully and without reservations and all I will ask for back is to be respected and adored back. Can you picture yourself with a great woman like me?I like to take care of myself and to not only look pleasant on the outside but also feel strong and beautiful from the inside in order to achieve that I learnt the art of callanetics and it is incredible how strong and positive it has made me feel.In the evenings I like to relax, forget the busy world and dive into either a good book, cook a mouth watering dinner for myself or just lie on the sofa and relax watching a documentary of some sort.To me a deep connection is more important than anything else.I come from a very tight knit family and we all get on very well, my siblings and I tend to spend quite a fair bit of time together and we all look after our mother and have a wonderful connection.I think one word springs to mind, which is harmony.

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