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I'm retired now, and one of the things I want to learn is python.

Although I can put a C or C program together with ease, I really struggle to get scripts to work. thanx, i m coding a lot of python latelly, making even gui apps with pygtk, and its great, simple, fast and very very easy to learn.

From my experience with teaching C (and several other languages), I predict that your biggest problem here will be with the use of pointers in the ¬_integer syntax.

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I started coding with pascal (but i hated that), then dedicated some time with clipper (loved this one and coded a lot with it), then i started with php..

now i m kinda tired of php and doing just python code.

The program might crash, but that is a consequence of GIGO. It accepts a single character from the user: Go ahead and copy this into your compiler; compile and run.

You can enter a 7, or a 3 or even an entire string of text.

Hi fellows, i started learning C in college but i m kind new to it.. I usually code python and php, and both have functions to do it, like is_numeric in php or isdigit() in python, but i dont know if C have one.

And another question is: i wrote some simple apps here and in windows at college they were using getch() but it didnt work in linux, so i read that i had to change that to getchar() but getchar() isnt waiting for user input at all, is there any other way to wait for a user to press a key before exiting the app?

We need to add the statement to import it, before any other functions (main or otherwise).

We already used scanf (in the code above) to read user input.

You may have heard of the adage 'garbage in - garbage out', or GIGO.

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