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Any yelpers out there made it through a period of gimpiness in the big city?

Similar to the dreaded “in conclusion” or “all in all,” this phrase is unnecessary and can (and should) be left out.

These have been compared by assorted pundits to voodoo fetishes, and the people who visit them to Hindu elephant god worshippers.

So your new emails are not appearing on your android cell phone?

I noticed that when I’d go home there would be a ton of unread, new emails on my desktop PC but there would be no (or very little) new mail was showing up on my phone This doesn’t appear to happen to if the email settings on all of your devices are not set correctly, it can be very confusing or frustrating.

By repeating the question or your last thought, you have more time to form an answer and fill the time while whomever you’re speaking to thinks you’re simply emphasizing your point.

Seriously and Literally Jen Doll describes this as the “crutch-word version of the excessive exclamation point” and really hits the nail on the head.

Much as you've been able to use Gmail on Android to check other services' accounts, Yahoo has responded by adding support for more third-party services in its own app.

Yahoo Mail users can now check email on Outlook and AOL accounts, in addition to existing Gmail support.

If your server supports IMAP and you use a regular email client program on your computer, you can change your program to use IMAP for your email, but if you already have a lot of accumulated email messages stored on your computer (not on the server), this may make things more complicated, since you'll end up with two separate message stores: older messages on your computer and newer ones on the server.

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