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This dark, mysterious and elegant perfume, which won a Fi Fi award in 1987, was created by Edouard Flechier.In 2006, the house of Dior released the Poison Amulets.

Even though I remembered the scent from my childhood, I couldn’t *really* remember it. The bottle had leaked a little during shipping, but I didn’t know that yet. The scent went off like a nuclear bomb in my hands. If my memory serves me correctly, it would have been the late 80s on a holiday in France when a beautiful French lady gifted me a bottle of Poison.

I was probably on the verge of tears with excitement, haha – the anticipation! I was still child at the time but the smell totally enchanted me.

I was not able to find the Poison Girl Inexpected, but from the notes it will be another vanilla bomb.

I was worried about this smelling dated, but it smells wonderful!!!

The composition of fragrances have been subjected to regulation and what seems to be a quest to elevate profit far above a reputation for quality.

It was only when I sprayed the 2018 Poison on my wrist recently, that I realised what a travesty this has all been.

The reform is pleasant and inoffensive but seriously, why have cotton when you can have silk?! When I was a teen I always was at the perfume counter smelling this mysterious potion.

Wishing that my mom who absolutely did not like any other fragrance but, CIARA, would just take her Lazarus card(Macy's) and just charge me a bottle. To understand this creation better-- a vintage bottle is required. And you need to understand the date in which it was created.

I unsealed the plastic baggie that was the last barrier between me and the juice. This scent went on to define my youth and it would not be hyperbole to suggest this scent was my trade mark.

I seized the bottle and immediately realized it was wet. I had come to the realisation a long time ago, that fragrance had evolved into something that was so far removed from the days of my misspent youth, that any further purchases were a ticket for pure disappointment.

It's got very strong sillage, very potent tuberose/incense, too much going on for my liking, caused me some headaches, however, to each their own and if you can tolerate this, go for it. It was an elegant and haunting one glorious fragrance. But why not create that fantasy again -- all on your own. Flechier summarizes for Dior what is the Baroque, the excess, the sweet and unexpected "poison" of a fascinating nectar like few others.

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