Chace crawford and carrie underwood dating

“He was upset about the breakup,” his sister, Candice, told PEOPLE last week.

“It’s always hard when you lose a relationship.” Underwood reveals that her high profile relationship was made harder by fame.

“It’s difficult while you’re dating because people always make a lot bigger deal of things than they actually are,” she tells “Then when you break up with somebody and then like two months later it comes out and it’s like you’re rehashing old stuff.

But I wouldn’t be surprised if it was a publicity stunt.

Carrie and Chase were young in their careers at the time and their publicists were probably looking for a way to get them in the news.

I don't know if I believe all of this but I hope Carrie and Chace are doing as well as this article suggests!

“Gossip Girl” cutie Chace Crawford is hanging in there following his breakup with superstar singer Carrie Underwood.

hottie Chace Crawford getting their PDA on at the Nashville, Tennesse airport over the weekend.

Here’s how it went down: “Carrie (wearing a Betsey Johnson coat) was waiting for him and as Chace was walking down the stairs, she ran to him. Making out and cuddling while waiting for his bags.” And to make things even this past Monday and they asked him about his little sister.

Underwood and Crawford were photographed on a date night, having a romantic meal at upscale Italian restaurant "Destino" on the Upper East Side of Manhattan on Tuesday night October 23rd.

If you’re friends first, the rest of it happens more naturally.” But when things do get romantic, Crawford offered a list of things to avoid on a first date, ones he presumably practices himself.“An obnoxious laugh, swearing like a sailor, bad breath, breaking wind, getting blackout drunk, talking about your exes,” he said.

Single “Gossip Girl” star Chace Crawford has allowed fans a peek into his dating etiquette in a new interview.

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