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She says she freaks out whenever she hears carousel music. Another actress who was a teenager when she made a huge movie for the director says that she wasn't given a ride on a tour bus, but instead, was given a ride on a helicopter with her younger actor co-star.

Toby their son falls into a hidden well while playing.

Jacob must deal with the life threatening situation. id=38Adventure Comedy (92 min)Language: English Director: Mike Eschmann Writer: Florian Gärtner, Jakob Hilpert, Rudolph Jula Producer: Cornelius Conrad Key Cast: Holger Müller, Axel Stein, Collien Fernandez Delivery Status: Complete Budget: 3,5 mio Year of Production: 2009, Country of Origin: Germany The newly-elected female German Chancellor has initiated a summit meeting on peace that the world has never seen before. id=42Action (92 min)Language: english Director: Thomas Jahn Writer: Sabine Leipert, Julia Neumann, Thomas Jahn Co-Production Partners: Thomas Jahn Producer: Michael Souvignier Key Cast: Stacey Keach (Prison Break), Joshua Dallas Delivery Status: Complete Budget: 3,6 mio Year of Production: 2009, Country of Origin: Germany / USABen has finished serving a three-year sentence for assault.

CHILDREN OF THE GRAVE Horror/Reality (90 min)Language: English Director: Booth Brothers Producer: Christopher Saint Booth Cast: Keith Age, John Zaffis, Rosemary Ellen Guiley Delivery Status: Completed Year of Production: 2007, Country of Origin: USAFrom acclaimed documentary filmmakers, the Booth Brothers, explore abandoned orphanages and cemeteries unearthing the shocking existence of ghost children. ACTION IMAGEAction Image, An der Hasenkaule 1-7, Huerth, 50354, Germany. id=37Action (90 min)Language: english Director: Raoul W.

Heimrich Writer: Juia Neumann, Sabine Leipert Producer: Rolant Hergert Key Cast: Cosma Shiva Hagen, Ken Duken (Inglourious Basterds)Delivery Status: Complete Budget: 3,5 mio Year of Production: 2008, Country of Origin: Germany If your world is on fire, how far would you go to save the one you love? id=41Disaster Movie (92 min)Language: english Director: Steven Manuel Writer: Sabine Leipert, Julia Neumann Producer: Michael Souvignier, Dominic Richards, Nikolas Landman-Burghardt Key Cast: Steve Guttenberg (Veronica Mars), Dominique Rickhards (Family Affairs)Delivery Status: Complete Budget: 3,5 mio Year of Production: 2008, Country of Origin: Germany/USAA Catastrophe happens on the day before Emilies and Jacobs divorce.

Camden Drive, Suite 250, Beverly Hills, CA 90210 USA. BLOOD EQUITYSports Documentary (90 min)Language: English Director: Michael Felix Producer: Discernment Films, Walking Shadows (co-producer)Cast: Mike Ditka (Player, Coach Super Bowl), Harry Carson, Willie Wood, Cyril Smith, Donnie Green, Tony Dorsett, Darryl "Moose" Johnston Delivery Status: Completed Year of Production: 2008, Country of Origin: USAHard hitting documentary on the issue of former NFL Players retirement; and their struggle against the NFL Owners that they made rich.

, e-mail: [email protected] agent/distributor At AFM: Pejman Partiyeli (President)Acquisition Executive: Pejman Partiyeli Office: Loews Suite 625, Tel: 1.310.458.6700 x625GOLDEN GOALComedy (95 min)Language: English Director: Mirwan Suwarso Producer: Mirwan Suwarso, Nova Eliza Cast: Costas Mandylor, Louis Mandylor, Jimmy Jean Louis, Frank Le Boef Delivery Status: Completed Year of Production: 2009, Country of Origin: USAA soccer comedy where a team of underdogs finds triumph after going against the odds; and in the process they prove that in soccer, as in life, anything can happen.The young couple has to discover that the owner of the villa, Victor, is a brutal serial killer.Affinity International Affinity International, 6464 Sunset Boulevard, Suite 800, Los Angeles, CA 90028 USA. Sales Agent, Producer At AFM: Jim Harvey (EVP, International Sales), Joey Monteiro (SVP, Worldwide Marketing)Office: #802, Tel: 1.310.319.1414THE HOLE 3DLanguage: English Supernatural Thriller Director: Joe Dante Writer: Mark L. Roman (Partner), Alissa Miller (Counsel), Christopher S. , email: [email protected] Agent At AFM: Ryan Carroll (CEO), Roland Carroll (President), Rene Torres (Head of Distribution), Christina Torres (Distribution Assistant)Office: Loews 541, Tel: 1.310.458.6700 ext.It had a lot of young kids in the movie, although they were older than her. All of the young actors and actresses were loaded on to a tour bus. There were also other men there who she remembers hearing were studio executives. She does remember walking around this carnival as she put it and seeing the executives pairing off with a couple of the actors or one on one.Everyone was impressed because each seat on the bus had a DVD player waiting for them as a gift to take home. The trip took about two hours from LA and they were served all kinds of kids food on the bus. So, they get off the bus and arrived at this huge ranch. She says they later told her that most were molested or groped.The actor was sent off with a group of men to the carnival while she was followed by this B list actor who asked sexual questions one after the other and excused himself multiple times.

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