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For season 22, Carson was paired with NFL player Von Miller.

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On November 25, 2014, she and Ribeiro were declared the season's champions.

It was Carson's first win in two seasons as a professional dancer on the show.

Well, I'm assuming one she's talking about is Cyrus and Alexa. Sam Kelsey ‏@[email protected] that's so sweet! Cx2 but real life couple would be Will/George or Dareijan/Janelle Chehon stated several times that he is straight, in response to fans who implied otherwise. In fact, it implies that he isn't, along with his direct statement to a couple of fans. So those 30 people take same class and share projects and work on each other's set for a year. If you think Cx2 are exclusive and intense, we should look insane.

Spencer Cyrus Spencer ‏@[email protected]_9 well she's the most beautiful person I have ever met in my life inside and out but you have to guess and u only get 2 chances Sam Kelsey Sam Kelsey ‏@[email protected] @dance9cyrus is it Alexa? Cx2 but real life couple would be Will/George or Dareijan/Janelle Last month someone from youtube was insisting on she knows Matthew she is his friend and he has a long term girlfriend in his hometown also he and his family is so angry about this gay rumors! ) I couldnt remember full sentence but you can find it at his old tweets (at first weeks)Actually ıf Cole didnt say he is straight, I can easily say they are in love!

On one of her interviews Tiffany said: Any behind-the-scenes gossip that you can share with us? Some of the dancers have made it fairly plain that they are gay, and no one seems to care one way or another. and when he and Audrey was in interview about kissing at Mia's group routine Audrey said he is her second kiss, he was responding with smiling you are my first kiss! I'm sure everyone gonna get closer with tour but others are also spent the same show time together (like them) but they are like big group of people who like to fun together but our Cx2 dont join them. Thats little bit weird to me but also make them more interesting I actually wonder what they are talking or doing together and having so much fun together.

There are some relationships within the top 20 that have formed. I thought he mention she is the first girl he ever kissed! As the summer went on and the dancers have gotten to know each other better, it's obvious they are all much closer than before. Everyone likes them but they dont like to go out with them.

Carson returned for season 20 as partner for season 19 Bachelor, Chris Soules.

They were the eighth couple to be eliminated, finishing in fifth place.

For season 21, Carson was paired with Big Time Rush singer and actor Carlos Pena Vega.

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