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Our path to change really started to get going in the 2000s, especially in 2010 when former President Sebastián Piñera had an openly gay man and famous Chilean activist, Luis Larraín Stieb, as his PR expert.

Stieb went on to run the LGBT organisation called Fundación Iguales and is now a politician running for a seat in Congress.

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Instead of telling me off for this, he bought me a gender neutral toy to play with: a giraffe!

I loved it and at the same time, it stopped other children teasing me.

Our most popular tour is of Santiago’s gay night life where we take you round the many bars and clubs in our Bellavista gaybourhood.

I come from a very religious background and was even a Jesuit boy growing up.

I grew up in Conception then moved to Santiago when I was a teenager where I have been living ever since.

I recently set up a gay tour company aimed at gay travellers, called Pride Tours Chile.Santiago’s gay scene is huge, with gay couples holding hands/kissing publicly in the streets and one of the largest gay clubs in the whole of South America, , is in Viña del Mar.All the local gays guys we met in Chile were open and comfortable with their homosexuality.He is recognised as one of the Top 50 diversity figures in public life.Also, I was so proud to see that for the International Day Against Homophobia (IDAHO) on 17 May, our government lit up our Moneda Palace in central Santiago with rainbow colours.I had my first sexual encounter with another man when I was 19, but my Catholic guilt did not allow me to accept being gay until I turned 24.

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