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It started when my maternal great-grandmother's (a teen) lost her mother and she was sought out by a young man (my maternal great-grandfather living on a reservation in Piney Neck or Rock Hall, Maryland), pray for me of my request of "forgiveness." I need the spirit of forgiveness because I am convinced, until updates, that I was placed on the SSI of Maryland due to the request of the KKK organization (white females and males and religious networking/counterparts) and our government knew it--like other family members' social behaviors ...get in the charity and welfare lines of country and be an ambassador of it or else SSI. Forward Program is seeking global families to host an easter-egg hunt for kids and/or adults in March.

This study aims to identify and explain the continuum in which older people in Singapore participate in community and social life, highlighting the influence of culture and policy context on social participation.

Using an ethnographic approach in a neighbourhood (n = 109), we conducted focus groups with older adults of different ethnicities, exploring experiences of social participation.

I started watching storms again after Isabel and Katrina--when taken out of my marriage-home (house rental) with kids, abruptly.

I am a trained independent emergency-response volunteer: former Delaware 211 volunteer, former government worker of Maryland State Highway Administration (Administrative Assistant with dispatch tasks), and former local-hospital CBX switchboard operator.

If anyone would like to "help me" (not my other family members) in such matters please contact me ... Let me know if you are interested in providing such charity leadership in your local neighborhood.

an on-going job(s) with actual pay--not a fake job(s)--would actually be appreciated by all (including me) so I wouldn't have to discuss such horrific descriptions of culture shock. I am now accepting material donations for activity in my local area zone (Eastern Shore, Annapolis).

Next, participants took 50 photographs relating to ‘lives of elders’, showcasing the socio-ecological context that influenced social participation.

Lastly, go-along interviews were conducted in various precincts with community leaders.

Giving will be first-come-first-serve basis, by audience of this website, if available. Citizens in need, you must provide a drop-off address (public area must be nearby), and e-mail and/or phone number to be considered.

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