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Thousands of other Jewelry enthusiasts seem to like the idea too.So much so that I can no longer keep up with the volume of questions and cameo questions is a paying service now and the cost is .99 US per question. So put your question to the Cameo denizens of the Pantheon on Antique Jewelry Investor and get a fast reply.Who is the subject depicted on the surface of your cameo? The first photo is a cameo broach which was sold for ,250 at the Christies's auction in 2007.

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My cameo is the oval shape, and has a lady on it looking to the right, the lady is white & the White is on top of the pink stone and this cameo has gold … white cameo on black surface surrounded by 16 diamonds I am 57, l have had this cameo since I was ten. I was given this Cameo ring by my grandmother many years ago. I was just wondering if there's any way of telling … where could i find one like this in a smaller version? She lived her life out in Nova Scotia but travelled … (Pictures included) My sister picked this cameo up for me as a gift from a garage sale, or resale shop. I'm also curious as to the type of stone or shell it is and …

This cameo is painted and numbered on the concave back. The number on the back is 5544 and it looks like 30 under it. It's a beautiful ring white cameo on black surface surrounded by 16 diamonds. I have a ring that is not a real cameo, considering because i got it at some clothing store. French Cameo with raised gloss white image on a gloss blue background.

I inherited a cameo with a deer's head or possibly fawn's head on it. Wondering if that is the cameo age or was it old when they bought it. What period or age is this cameo I found at an estate, and where can I sell it at a fair price. My father 30 years ago bought this beautiful cameo for a song, they had priced it wrong and tried their hardest to purchase it back, it is carved on … I have been told by two different jewelers the same cameo is one, pink shell, by the other, … I have this cameo that I believe to be shell that depicts Christ's Acension. Not rated yet The cameo brooch is approximately 1 ! I'd be flat out telling you how long its been in the family, let alone its age... Italian cameos carved by children Not rated yet65 years ago my dad bought my mom a set of cameos in Italy that were hand carved on the streets by children. I found this beautiful cameo pendant/brooch in a lot of jewelry I purchased. all anyone knows is that it was his great grandmas and I HAVE BEEN TRYIng to research away … Woman pouring water from a vase - cameo antique cameo or not?

I absolutely love it and would like to know if it has any historical significance … Antique Ruth & Boaz Cameo| What should remounting do or not do? She said was over 100 years old when she got it almost 20 or 30 years ago. Interested in any info on this cameo, have not seen many floral only, age? How much is a cameo worth approximately 120 years old? My husband and I have inherited a treadle sewing machine probably made in 1889. how old is my shell cameo brooch and how much is it worth? I can't find anything on the net close to it to be able to compare. I am trying to understand more about my cameo ring With the help of my friend I was able to capture close ups of the markings. seeking details about my Great Grandmother's cameo Not rated yet I inherited a cameo from my grandmother that inherited it from her mother. Cameo cravate pin depicting an African woman in head scarf? Not rated yet I found my silver cameo ring at a swapmeet.

Eucharist, 126, 136,380,421,427,495; ndora- lion of, 132, 137, 430.

Marks, notations and other marginalia present in the original volume will appear in this file - a reminder of this book's long journey from the publisher to a library and finally to you.S., and also traveled around the world more than once. I would love to know the origin and stone on my brooch. What type of Cameo Bracelet do I have and what's it worth? trying to identify my cameo brooch Not rated yet Good Morning; I have a few cameos that i have collected,and would like to find out as much as possible about each one of them,if possible. Antique costume jewelry cameo brooch and earring set Not rated yet I have looked everywhere. Can you help me authenticate this Napoleonic Cameo Not rated yet Here’s what I know- Purchased this cameo in 1980 at an Antique Show in New Hope, PA.I believe the pin is quite old as it belonged to my grandmother who died in the early 1950's. I have an old cameo bracelet from my grandmother's jewerly when she passed and not sure where she got it. I would like to know what type stone & the age of my cameo? I believe it was washed up from an old town under the lake. Sterling Silver Relief Like Cameo | When did they make these? I don't have a way to send a picture over the internet to you, but if there is a way to mail you one, … Not rated yet There's an M on the back of my cameo. The woman who sold it to me said it means it's probably from Italy. My grandmother passed away and in her jewelry box was a bunch of antique costume jewelry. Can anyone help me date this Cameo necklace and maybe identify the dark yellow stones? I know it's over 100 years old-- Has woman with upswept hair and small flower on Cameo set in brass/bronze. Dealer represented it as Napoleonic and I felt there was a chance … Not rated yet I found this in a box with some craft stuff wanted to know if it would be worth getting checked out not sure what is is made. Makers Mark scratched on back of 14k cameo-is it old/special? Information on my Antique Cameo on Blue Background Not rated yet Dear Sirs - would you be able to give me any idea of the value of my cameo?I was given this as a little girl by my Great Aunt who was a habitual for garage sale junkie.Could you tell me anything about this cameo jewelry? My Cameo has a maker's mark of CCO on the pin of the the frame.My son and I went to Pompeii on a school field trip. cameo mother and child marked 800 with marsaite stones need age Not rated yeti have a small pin/pendant cameo carved shell appears to be orange on back marked 800 any idea the age ,style,value,,,,,,,any info thank you Information about this cameo set? Cameo of a four headed bust of roman soldiers Not rated yet I have been researching this cameo of a four headed bust of roman soldiers for awhile and haven't found anything as of yet! I have 3 intaglios dug in excavation at pompeii and 2 cameos from the 16 th century and 17 th century Not rated yet I have no idea what they are worth but they have some document saying they were half of a collection bought back in 1913.. Not rated yet Hello, I had found this cameo piece with the possibly Arabic piece I had posted a few minutes ago, it came from the same person, sometime from the 1930s … It is set in unmarked silver and the stone is supposed to be an old mine set diamond. geri marked cameo information Not rated yet I purchased this cameo online and was wondering if you could tell me about the maker, it is marked "geri" and also the subject. Antique Cameo with Picture on Reverse Not rated yet Hello, I obtained this cameo at an estate sale. Tested by reputable jeweler who said it is gold, at least …

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