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As a founder of and an instructor at, Metha enjoys learning and challenges himself with new Cisco technologies. Disable px Grid, restart server and re-enable px Grid. Import px Grid1 cert to Primary AM, and px Grid2 cert to Sec AM as trusted cert. I created a new domain and changed my FMC FQDN to match it. The Firesightisetest client name shows the correct FQDN but the iseagent client still uses the old FQDN and fails. Captured Jabberwerx log:2018-02-22T [ INFO]: _reconnection_thread starts Captured Jabberwerx log:2018-02-22T [ INFO]: connecting to host .......HI i have four nodes deployment , two admin/monitor and two PSNs , i have enabled the PIX grid on both the PSNs , but when i navigate to Pix Grid service i find no nodes there with a note below the page saying "No connectivity to px Grid node" , also when i try to go to setting and enable automatic approve new account , i get the below error message "Failed to update Grid settings on the server" any ideas BR There are a few thing you can check/try. Where does it get the iseagent FQDN (FMC or Sensor) so that I can change it to the correct FQDN? The test still fails Primary host: test: ISE connection. Captured Jabberwerx log:2018-02-22T [ INFO]: pxgrid connection init done successfully Preparing subscription objects... Captured Jabberwerx log:2018-02-22T [ INFO]: stream opened Starting SSL Handshake, SSL state:before/connect initialization Completed SSL Handshake, SSL state: SSL negotiation finished successfully Captured Jabberwerx log:2018-02-22T [ INFO]: EXTERNAL authentication complete Captured Jabberwerx log:2018-02-22T [ INFO]: authenticated successfully (sasl mechanism: EXTERNAL) Captured Jabberwerx log:2018-02-22T [ INFO]: pxgrid_connection_connect: Connected.It doesn’t matter what name you give it, just save it somewhere you can find it later, because we’re going to use that file in the following steps. Next, I ran certmgr (Windows R and run certmgr.msc) and drilled down into Trusted Root Certificate Authorities and then into Certificates…

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After clicking Finish, I got a security warning saying Windows cannot validate that the certificate is actually from the server it claims to be from, and it asked me to confirm whether I wanted to install this certificate. I opened up the Cisco Any Connect VPN Client and tried to connect again. Hopefully this will help someone else who might be dealing with problems using the Cisco Any Connect VPN Client after upgrading to Windows 10.

Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) [1] and its successor Transport Layer Security (TLS) [2] have become key components of the modern Internet.

So my next step was to configure my computer to trust this server’s certificate. Using Chrome (you should be able to do this with other browsers, though), I browsed to the URL, right-clicked on the lock icon to the left of the https in Chrome’s URL bar, clicked on the “Certificate information” hyperlink, and switched to the Details tab.

From there, I clicked the Copy to File button and saved the certificate as type “DER Encoded Binary X.509 (*.cer)”.

Connect Line: 5234 Invoked Function: Connect Mgr :: launch Cached Downloader Return Code: 1 (0x00000001) Description: Cached Downloader terminated abnormally Function: Connect Mgr::process Ifc Data File: .

Connect Line: 2164 Invoked Function: Connect Mgr::initiate Tunnel Return Code: -33554423 (0x FE000009) Description: GLOBAL_ERROR_UNEXPECTED Function: CTransport Win Inet:: Send Request File: .

I’m guessing it was a self-signed certificate or something like that.

Again, this is not my server and I don’t control the VPN configuration, but have been connecting to it for a couple of years and know the company who owns this server and trust the identity of this server.

Line: 245 Invoked Function: CManifest:: Get Manifest Return Code: -33554423 (0x FE000009) Description: GLOBAL_ERROR_UNEXPECTED Failed to get manifest from https://XXXXXXXXXXXXXX/CACHE/stc/1/Function: CManifest Mgr:: Process Manifests File: .

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