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But this additional role wasn’t always part of the plan. I wrote it for someone else to direct,” Du Vall revealed, adding she felt the responsibility of writing, acting in, and directing a project might be “too much” to handle.

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But I do feel better about being the way that I am because there's more support around it. That translates into the sensationalist lives that characters on-screen are supposed to have, so the representation of women is still very limited.

I've always in my career played women who weren't having the typical female experience. I do feel like there are more weirdos—those characters are more embraced now. I don't know that women are being given the opportunities to play .

Some of her film credits includes Interrupted, Girl, The Faculty and The Grudge.

She is the daughter of Stephen "Steph" Du Vall and Rosemary Hatch.

Du Vall plays Jessie, whose disinclination to settle down irks her girlfriend, Sarah (Lyonne).

Lynskey's Annie is the anxious friend who's convinced married couple Ruby (Cobie Smulders) and Peter (Vincent Piazza) need to break up.

She was often spotted kissing and getting cozy with her partner.

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But I read it and it felt like a gift of a character. Even though it's still, annoyingly, something everybody feels the need to bring up to anybody who doesn't look like a model, there are more women now who are super successful and have different body types. These women are full-on movie stars and TV stars and are playing women who are objects of desire and who are sexual beings.

That makes me feel a lot better, even though I still have struggles because every woman does, because of the stupid world we live in.

“And if I wanted to have that much control over it, I should just do it myself.” , follows three couples who embark on a weekend trip together to Savannah, Ga.

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