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My video drivers are up to date : D Update: I could hardly even turn on my computer this morning, it took multiple attempts because it kept shutting down when it got to the welcome screen(i have windows 7 by the way) and also, it will even shut down at the windows loading screen [editline]PM[/editline] Now I can't even run a game, every time I start up a game, my computer dies before it even gets to the main menu..[QUOTE=Test Card F;25268663]Buggery hell... About ten quid less than a 9800GS.[/QUOTE] What are your specs?

Hello Everyone, I have this big computer problem that I can't seem to figure out at all.

computer keeps updating when shutting down-60

This happens mainly when I'm playing a PC game.

The shut down problem is not specific to this game however.

If she can shut down in safe mode, then that would mean that something is running that is causing it to reboot.

It isn't the end of the world if the computer won't shut down though either. Another thing is that Windows may be installing updates because she hasn't had it online in quite awhile.

Also, are you running current anti-virus software and a firewall if connected via broadband.

Is this problem new, or has it been long-standing and has recently gotten worse?

So it may be updating and when it's done, it may just shut down after that.

I have an AMD Athlon 64 X2 3200 Nvidia Geforce 9600GT 3 Gigs of Ram It all started with World of Warcraft, I started it up one normal day and it wasn't in the main menu for more than a second than suddenly my whole computer shut down, and it started doing that every time I tried starting it, then one day, when I tried starting it up, it ran fine, played it for a couple hours and got off with out a problem, and then other games starting doing it when I started them, and then sometimes, i'd just be listening to music and browsing the web and it'd shut down out of no where, or I wouldn't be doing anything at all, I'd come back from doing something and my computer would be off I know the first thing you guys are going to jump to, an overheating problem, well I'm pretty sure that's not it, my temps are fine, but I'll show you anyway Graphics Card(Nvidia 9600gt): 120 F 49 C Processor(AMD Athlon 64 X2 3200): 88 F 31 C Hard Drive(Maxtor): 102 F 38 C Main Board: 35 C 94 F If anyone could help me out that'd be great!

Ever since I downloaded Windows 10 on my Asus computer it does NOT shut down all the way.

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