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And finally, you will see a utility that pulls all of these techniques together and more in one location.

You can download workbooks containing the code in this article at Ron de Bruin's Web site.

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In this article, you explored several code samples that you can use to merge data from all workbooks in a folder into a master workbook.

Additionally, the RDBMerge add-in can assist you to do this task very easy.

Exploring and implementing these tools in your own applications can help make your job as a developer easier and make your solutions more versatile.

Ron de Bruin is an Excel Most Valuable Professional (MVP) and a frequent contributor to the newsgroups. Frank Rice is a programming writer and frequent contributor to the Microsoft Office Developer Center.

To do this select an empty sheet in the workbook - add a new one if necessary - and click in it.

Choose Data Consolidate to view the Consolidate dialog.However we could have chosen any of these 11 functions: Sum, Count, Average, Max, Min, Product, Count Numbers, Std Dev, Std Devp, Var and Varp.Click in the Reference area and click the Expand/Collapse button to its immediate right.There are many ways to consolidate data in Microsoft Excel.You can use the Table feature and its associated filters to filter a list so it shows only those items you are interested in seeing and you can create Pivot Tables to look at your data in different ways.The RDBMerge utility provides a user friendly way to merge data from workbooks in a folder into one worksheet in a new workbook.

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