Chat praga gratis web - Consolidating loans with your spouse

If you and your partner are in that group, you might have already discovered how student loan debt can affect your financial lives.And if you’re like 54% of people surveyed, you might even have had second thoughts about taking on the debt of the person you love.

All of them allocate a percentage of liability to each party, ranging from a 50/50 split to 100 percent liability on just one party.

Many attempt to split it based on the percentage each contributed to the consolidated loan.

There, I saw the dark side of the college financial aid system.

I decided that it was unacceptable for college students to be put into student loan debt slavery and kept in the dark about their options for freedom.

Divorce is messy, but it’s even worse if you’ve got a joint federal student loan consolidation.

The Federal Joint Consolidation Loan was offered from the late ’90s to the mid 2000’s, and allowed married couples to consolidate their Federal student loans.

Are these two going to communicate for the sake of protecting their own credit? This creates two problems: Congress and the Department of Education need to fix this issue NOW by allowing re-consolidation to Direct Loans for PSLF qualification and as a default cure.

There should also be a mechanism for these loans to be split up in the event of a marital split.

But many couples share something else: student loan debt.

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