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It comprises 26 of the island of Ireland's 32 counties. In 1949 it explicitly became a republic, definitively ending its tenuous membership of the British Commonwealth. From its foundation, the Irish Free State was embroiled in a civil war between nationalists supporting the Treaty and opponents who supported a republic.

The pro-Treaty side, organised as Cumann na n Gaedheal emerged victorious from the conflict and won subsequent elections.

This paper digs into the issues surrounding effective implementation of new secondary school curriculum in Nigeria.

This is based on the feeling that 21st century education is characterized with a dramatic technological revolution.

On independence, it was one of the wealthier countries in Europe per head of population.

However it also inherited from British rule the problems of unemployment, emigration, uneven geographical development and lack of a native industrial base.

Changes in the 1930s removed many of the links with Britain established under the Treaty and Ireland's neutrality in the Second World War demonstrated its independence in foreign policy matters from Britain.

In the economic sphere, the Irish state has had a mixed performance.

The paper therefore portrays education in the 21st century as a total departure from the factory-model education of the past.

It is abandonment of teacher centered, paper and pencil schooling.

Finally, the paper recommends massive advocacy and sensitization of teachers, students, parents and school administrators and supervisors who are the end-users of the new curriculum for its effective implementation.

Effective October 12, 1945, members and former members of the land and naval forces of the United States, including the Women's Reserve of the United States Naval Reserve, and former members of the Women's Army Auxiliary Corps, who served int he continental United States for an aggregate period of one year between December 7, 1941 and March 2, 1946, inclusive, may be awarded the American Campaign Medal under such regulations as the Secretary of War and Secretary of the Navy may severally prescribe.

They formed the government of the state until 1932, when they peacefully handed over power to the anti-Treaty faction in Fianna Fáil, who defeated them in an election.

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