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Through its nine FATF-Style Regional Bodies (FSRBs), the FATF brings together a global network of 203 jurisdictions that have each committed at the highest political level, to implementing the FATF Recommendations.FATF and FSRBs conduct peer reviews on an ongoing basis to assess how effectively their respective members' AML/CFT measures work in practice, and how well they have implemented the technical requirements of the FATF Recommendations.This is the first edition, if you happened to have the second edition or audio CD for this one and are willing to share, please do so by attaching the file to your comment.

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Just drag all of the PDF and image files that you want to consolidate into the main window.

The PDF (or image) files will be combined in the same order that you see in the window (from top to bottom).

After you send a document out for review, you might get a lot of copies back—with suggestions and revisions you don’t want to miss.

When that happens, combine all those edits and ideas into one document.

It contains 452 pages of practical study material, including legal reading, writing and listening exercises and a full answer key.

Expand text It is the perfect starting point for learners who are at pre-intermediate level in general English and continues all the way to a high-intermediate level of legal English.

This short, intensive course can be completed in 25-30 hours, so students make progress quickly.

English for Legal Professionals can be used as a stand-alone course, for self-study using the interactive Multi ROM, or alongside a coursebook such as International Express.

Law firms and other employers require accuracy as well as a good knowledge of legal terminology, so the book has a strong focus on correcting grammar mistakes as well as teaching hundreds of new legal words.

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