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Of course a clamshell would have been an option too but for new ones the price wasn't all that much less.

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There are additional distributions for fix-it citations and disabled parking violations.

Our goal is to make your experience as convenient, painless and hassle-free as possible.

We only pull the trailer 4-5 times per year on generally well maintained roads.

For the last 4 years I have towed with my 3.9L Dakota and have no complaints aside from the obvious lack of power.

I know it's not ideal, but has anyone towed a 2 place enclosed sled trailer with a Pontiac Torrent or Chevy Equinox?

I'm considering consolidating my 2 vehicles (truck with 123,000 miles and 4-banger with 170,000 miles) to 1 economical vehicle.Parking tickets (also referred to as citations) are issued by parking enforcement officials for violating state parking laws (California Vehicle Code) or city parking laws (Los Angeles Municipal Code).If you have any questions regarding a parking citation please visit: or call us to our 24 Hour Customer Care Hotline: (866) 561-9742 | TTY: (213) 623-7046 Pay Your Ticket You can pay your ticket in one of four convenient ways. Go to the Official Police Garage to locate and recover your vehicle.I tow with a Ford Escape with V6 and AWD which also has a 3500 pound capacity.The thing is it can be done, but you have to select your trailer carefully.Late Fees: Late fees typically double the cost of a parking ticket.

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