Consolidating two naps to one

Because she was only fifteen and busy with her growing up, Lucia's periods of reflection were brief and infrequent; but this morning she felt weighted with responsibility.

Last night her mother, who rarely talked to her about anything more perplexing than the advantages of clean hands and a pure heart, had privately discussed the possible outcome of Father's reckless remarks yesterday in the Senate; and Lucia, flattered by this confidence, had declared maturely that Prince Gaius wasn't in a position to do anything about it.

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Would his mistress, inquired Decimus with a deep bow, desire her breakfast served here? Pretty things, they were; a little older than she, though not so tall; agile and shapely, and as nearly alike as two peas.

It was the first time that Lucia had seen them in action, for they had been purchased only a week ago.

Most of the people they knew were in a constant dither about their slaves; buying and selling and exchanging. You had to say this for Father: he was a good judge of people. Tiberius would not permit his half-witted stepson to punish a member of the Gallio family. Observing that the library door was ajar, he paused to greet his father, whom he had not seen since yesterday.

It wasn't often that Father disposed of one; and when, rarely, he had done so, it was because the slave had mistreated another over whom he had some small authority. Of course, slaves weren't people, exactly; but some of them were almost people. It's common knowledge that the old man despises him.' 'Yes—but Tiberius consented to his regency because Julia demanded it. If it came to a decision whether that worn-out old man should stand up for the Gallio family—against Gaius—with his shrewish wife screaming in his ears, I doubt that he would trouble himself. ' 'The vindictive old—' Marcellus paused on the edge of a kennel word. The handsome, white-haired Senator was seated at his desk, writing.

It was unlikely, thought Lucia, that she would have an opportunity to talk alone with her brother until later in the day; for Marcellus had been out—probably all night—at the Military Tribunes' Banquet, and wouldn't be up before noon; but she must resolve at once upon a course of action.

She wished now that she had told Marcellus last summer, when it had happened.Without risking an inquiring glance at the young woman who stood watching them, they proceeded swiftly but quietly with their task.They were both very white, observed Lucia, doubtless from confinement in some prisonship.Nor did it make her feel any more mature when, proceeding along the patterned pavement, she passed Servius whose face had been as bronzed and deep-lined when Lucia was a mere toddler.Acknowledging with twinkling fingers and a smile the old slave's grave salute, as he brought the shaft of his spear to his wrinkled forehead, she moved on to the vine-covered pergola at the far end of the rectangle.Of course she had about the same relation to Tertia; but that seemed different. I have no wish to intrude upon your private perplexities, but is there anything I might do for you? At one juncture, he was half-disposed to introduce Lucia's dilemma as relevant to his own; but decided against it, feeling that their pater was getting about all he could take for one session. ' Amazed by his father's outburst, for he had anticipated his full approval, Marcellus asked, 'Why not, sir?

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