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Not only will it not show you any 18 or 19 year olds, you are prevented from sending them messages even if their age range is 18-50. Which suggests to me that if you are a man you are blocked from contacting people over 10 years your junior, but women can contact anybody. I ended up getting to know some genuinely nice people and went on a relationship with someone which was beyond satisfying for years.- Ever been having a bit of a flirty exchange with a woman, only to find the trail suddenly goes cold, check your sent messages, 9/10 times ' Markus' didnt like something in your message and it got deleted.

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I have no problem meeting people in real life and actually end up picking dates with relative ease.

I tried addressing the quality and lack of interest/unrealness of their matches only to be told that I am doing it wrong.

Same as women who appear in the top bar, usually online, local, matching age and bodytype, but dont appear anywhere else. Clearly not what im searching for, I reject them as matches in the meet me section, but 100% of who POF thinks i should be with are women of an age where they wont date me (27-30) or who I dont find attractive at all. I'm browsing it sober, in the daytime, in Wales.

However the biggest issue with this is that they are almost always escorts. But I was playing around with the age on my profile when I set it up.

Basically far too much work to date for very little actual reward.

You can get paid to childmind or a drive a taxi so why do it for free? Again will often match you or view you but these poor girls will be getting thousands of emails a day so you've lost before you've even started.

The fake ones will often try to get you to pay them for private pictures. 2, genuine girls who are maybe a bit nieve, or maybe they really do want to put their snapchat out there publically to receive lots of random pictures of mens anatomies. Very occasionally they're drug addicts promoting themselves as prosititutes.

Now the final 25%, these are genuine women, who do live nearby, and possibly are single.

There is almost no interaction whatsoever and feels like most of the profiles are totally fake.

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