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The couple started dating after playing high school sweethearts in romantic comedy Valentine's Day.

Swift arrived at the Pins alley in Studio City with best friend, actress Selena Gomez, but spent most of the evening talking to Monteith as they bowled together.

Their decision to arrive and leave their apparent 'date' separately comes amid reports they are hiding the romance from Swift's protective manager mother Andrea.

Everyone knows that Corey Taylor is not the biggest fan of cell phones at his shows, (remember the time he smacked a phone out of a fan's hands?

) but he's also coming for internet dating now, which he thinks is "gross," and streaming services, which he thinks have turned the music industry into "the wild west."Speaking of music, Taylor says that all modern hip-hop is "all the same mush-mouthed bullshit, and it doesn’t say anything except ' I want to get fucked and drink champagne.' It’s pathetic." He also laments the appropriation of "metal culture" that we've seen recently with Justin Beiber, Kylie Jenner, and Taylor Swift.

Sure, most of us believe in the best government being the least government; but again, going back to Porter, regulation by the government (through legislation in this case) that promotes corporations to think and act sustainably, rather than regulation that creates hurdles, should be welcome. Zohare Ali Shariff is CEO of Asiatic Public Relations Network Ltd. A graduate of the London School of Economics, he is a published author and winner of National Book Foundation wards.

While the two may have dined together at Jerry's Deli in L. on Friday, they are "just friends," sources confirm to us. Monteith was spotted later that same night, looking quite cozy at West Hollywood hot spot Voyeur with a mystery blonde..."Cory showed up to the club with a girl who definitely looked like his date," an eyewitness tells us.

"Mark Salling showed up with the two as well, but Cory spent the evening attached to the girl at the hip."We're told Monteith and his lady friend spent most of the night holed up in a corner, where the star gave the gal cute kisses on her forehead throughout the evening.

"They looked like they were into each other and having fun," our spy says.

He approaches topics such as artificial intelligence, dating apps, phone addiction, hip-hop, Spotify, environmentalism, appropriation of "metal culture," and fear of Donald Trump.

Taylor recently wrote a piece for The Guardian broaching some of the topics he covers in his book, and we're here to break down what he said.

After the phenomenal success of Taylor's last album, Fearless, and winning four Grammys in January, Andrea wanted her daughter to stay focused on her music.

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