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In 1965 a Jewish atheistic psychologist from Columbia University began to channel messages from a spirit she believed to be Jesus.

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Course in miracles dating

It is perfectly clear--murder, rape, and other forms of evil do not exist because they do not come from "love." Try explaining to a mother who has lost a son or daughter that their loss is the result of an illusion.

The Problem of Evil You guessed it, The Course also teaches that evil does not exist.

As a result of the influence Christianity has had on humanity, The Course chose Christian terminology to convey its message. Through the influence of Williamson, Jampolsky, and others, a growing number of Christians are being sucked into this whirlpool of spiritual confusion in which they exchange the truth for a lie.

A 1977 pamphlet published by the Foundation For Inner Peace states "its only purpose is to provide a way in which some people will be able to find their own Internal Teacher"- -in other words, their personal "Spirit Guide." Key Players There are several individuals who play key roles in spreading the message of The Course. A former lounge singer and now its most celebrated guru, she has become The Course's media star, appearing on numerous television programs. The Course and the Mainline Church We have already established that The Course uses Christian terminology and its followers believe it to be the revelation of Jesus.

For them, the recovery process becomes a spiritual transformation.

The integration of psychology and spirituality becomes a lure that pulls them deeper into the web of deception and ultimately suffocates them. It has become the "spiritually correct" solution to bring about peace and unity.

He has written several books based on what he has gleaned from The Course. Presently there are over 1,500 official study groups that have utilized The Course both inside and outside traditional Christian churches. If anything negative is in your consciousness, it is real only because you give it reality by holding it in your mind.

In his influential book, Good-Bye to Guilt, Jampolsky describes his conversion to The Course. If It's Not Love--It Must Be Illusion Marianne Williamson, author of the best-selling book A Return To Love, says that we have "a natural tendency to focus on love." Only love is real. According to The Course, sickness, hate, pain, fear, guilt, and sin are all illusions.

If we are a part of God, how then can we become fragmented by sin since separation (i.e., sin) does not exist?

Thought-Reversal The stated goal of The Course is to change how one thinks, to change one's belief system by subtle deception.

Schucman began having "highly symbolic dreams" and experiencing "strange images." Her colleague encouraged her to transcribe the content of these phenomena so they might understand them better.

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