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The bit about Sasha Baron Cohen would explain a great deal. No Roy = no 50 million dollar contract.c) Kenneth Feld (owner of Ringling Bros Circus, the Ice Capades, and who knows what else) was the agent and, I believe part owner, of the Show.

Field was supposedly ruthless and would re-animate dead corpses to keep the money rolling in.d) DL eldgergay posters wrote extensively about Roy's deathe) Shirley Mc Claine says the new Roy isn't the real Roy.f) lastly, if you google pics of the old and new Roy's there is a noticeable height difference. This is usually where someone points out that posh private schools direct all their considerable resources towards getting their students into Oxford/Cambridge in the UK and the Ivy League in the US, so attending one of those universities is not as much of an indication of high intelligence as it might seem for people from privileged backgrounds.

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There was an awesome thread about guys who have hooked up with professional hockey players. And, of course, their parents can afford to pay their tuition and expenses, which makes it a lot easier to attend.

The thread was so good and the stories were so vivid and detailed...small things that somebody making it up would not think to write..the thread was deleted. Also, while Sacha's act looks improvised and individual in reality he leans heavily on pre-prepared stuff from his sharp writing team.

It was right in front of Radio City and he locked eyes with me and practically salivated. We had a really good sports/hockey gossip thread here not that long ago, but I can't find it.

I remember thinking, I never would have thought of him as gay, but that prolonged cruisey look was unmistakeable! I don't remember the title, and it didn't appear on the first couple pages of a google search. Oh and for gratuitous eye candy, a young Bob Probert. If it was a troll on the Eric Lindros thread it was a great troll. The way his apartment was decorated, an aborted trip to Montreal. I was hooked at the lack of family pictures in his apartment LOL.

That someone here reported being cruised and cruised hard by Al Sharpton at a demonstration in NYC years ago.

And I totally believe the report from the woman who got picked up by Suzanne Somers one night and then got completely blown off by here the next time they met. I believed the story about Marc Gastineau blowing a Latino guy in a quiet room at a house party.

I believed the Christian Bale gossip re: the men whom his pro-dom hired to fuck him.

It was in another blind in on a gossip site (can't remember which one), and Magdalene chimed in confirming his BDSM preferences.

The story had true-to-life details, such as when the Latino was later recounting the event and was asked if Marc was jerking off while he was sucking, the guy got all excited and said Yes, yes, how did you know??!!

Ha ha, r43, that was me with the Al Sharpton story, and again I can assure you all that it happened!

I am so bored by the let's pretend we are wallflower,scene in a movie, an actor threads. I found this random as for something apparently well known I had never heard anything except that Chris was straight,but on the other hand I did not dismiss it as readily as I have some other pieces of goss. James Franco tried to commit suicide a year or so ago.

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