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The Indexed Database API specification defines two APIs: a synchronous API and an asynchronous one. As a result, database operations do not execute immediately; instead operations return request objects that are executed in the background. You create requests and then define event handlers to respond to the success or failure of those requests.

However, if you are very familiar with the language and also want to glance through these tutorials as a refresher, you may even find something useful that you haven’t seen before.

implementation, Microsoft Edge will not request user authorization to use more than 10 megabytes of space.

Microsoft Edge considers the volume size in determining the per-domain and per-total limit on how much disk space can be used.

The table below applies to both phone and desktop versions of Microsoft Edge.

Before getting started, we highly recommend setting up Oracle database in your system to help you practice and learn PL/SQL effectively.

We assume that you have the fundamental knowledge of databases and SQL to start our PL/SQL tutorial.Oracle created PL/SQL that extends some limitations of SQL to provide a more comprehensive solution for building mission-critical applications running on Oracle database.Getting to know more information about PL/SQL language.As you move through the records the EOF property is set to false but after you try and go past the last record, the EOF property becomes true.This works the same in reverse for the BOF property.PL/SQL stands for Procedural Language extensions to the Structured Query Language (SQL).

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