Cyber goth dating site

Dan also shares one of my major passions – shopping.

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i have met so many people and i have even meet some one and fell in love with them..

these rooms are full of fun loving and amazing ppl who are always ready to have a good time..

A rat skulks by and posts a lil´ Swedish off roading by the Botkyrka Off Road Club Stockholm/Sweden and not far off from where the rat lives .

And the vehicle in action in this clip is the Swedish Hägglund BV206 ( BV = Bandvagn = Tracked vehicle) , and prolly not unfamiliar fer friend Laundrew .

The site features a range of options for users to express themselves and interact with each other including photo gallery, music, videos, forum and more.

Take a look inside this Gothic social network and see if it's to your tastes. We both enjoy art in many of its forms, are interested in Medieval history, and when we go out to clubs are more interested in dancing than drinking.We like music of many varieties, and enjoy stories in all of their incarnations – books, movies, plays, comics etc.Dan admitted that, because he didn’t know much about the Goth subculture before I became interested in it, had I been Goth when he met me he might have been intimidated, assuming that I was some sort of scary cultist.He did say that he hoped it would not have put him off getting to know me.I call him ‘my little chav’, which he doesn’t think is funny…

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