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Within a closed system, children cannot go beyond the network whitelist of approved websites, also referred to as a “walled garden.” Cookie: A piece of information about your visit to a website that some websites record automatically on your computer.

By using a cookie, a website operator can determine a lot of information about you and your computer. For example, a cookie remembers that you prefer aisle seats in the front of the plane.

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These data can still exist even after the browser history has been cleared and e-mail messages have been deleted.

Electronic mail (e-mail): An electronic mail message sent from one computer or mobile device to another computer or mobile device.

The government has not announced whether it will appeal the case to the U. The Federal Trade commission (FTC), which is responsible for enforcing COPPA, adopted a sliding scale approach to obtaining parental consent.

The sliding scale approach allows website operators to use a mix of methods to comply with the law, including print-and-fax forms, follow-up phone calls and e-mails, and credit card authorizations.

Blog/Blogging (short for weblog): A diary or personal journal kept on a website.

Blogs are usually updated frequently and sometimes entries are grouped by specific subjects, such as politics, news, pop culture, or computers.Adware: A form of malicious code that displays unsolicited advertising on your computer.Anti-virus Software: Software that attempts to block malicious programs/code/software (called viruses or malware) from harming your computer.Circumventor Sites: Parallel websites that allow children to get around filtering software and access sites that have been blocked.Closed Systems: A limited network of sites that are rated and categorized by maturity level and quality.Filtering options are available through parental control software.

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