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Their report: "What had all the potential of a Chinese fire drill turned out to be an incredibly well-organized and smooth-running operation.

When we arrived, the cast was busy shooting three new episodes for the May ratings sweeps, a factor that disabused us of any notion we might have had about getting all of them together in one room.

A.) As a result, we talked with the cast members mainly in the pairings their characters maintain on the show Hill and Renko, Joe Coffey and Lucy Bates, Furillo and Davenport and so on sometimes enlarging the group, sometimes breaking off to talk one on one.

We had hoped to include the writers of the show the real heroes of Hill Streets success in the final interview, but not all were available and space considerations prevailed.

Once a successful model, she began her acting career on the New York stage, then moved to Hollywood in 1975.

She turned down a chance to be one of the three original Charlies Angels but appeared on numerous other series, including The Rockford Files, Kojak, Dallas and The Bob Newhart Show.

The Nielsen ratings for the first season ranked the show by then retitled Hill Street Blues at the death-knell mark of 66 out of 69.

But if the viewing audience was slow to come around, the press wasnt.

On January 15, 1981, NBC inauspiciously aired an hour-long series pilot called Hill Street Station.

Covering a single day in the life of an inner-city police precinct located in an undersigned metropolis and featuring an oversized ensemble cast of relative unknowns, the show had a frenetic pace and a grittily realistic style.

He co-starred with Michael Conrad and Judd Hirsch in Delvecchio, a series created by his friend Bochco; when it was canceled, he appeared in The Execution of Private Slovik, The Choirboys, Wholl Stop the Rain and Altered States. He appeared in the film version of Butterflies Are Free and had running roles on NBCs Sierra and Paris.

In 1979, he coproduced the Oscar-winning Who Are the De Bolts and Where Did They Get 19 Kids? Michael Warren (Officer Bobby Hill) was a two-time all-American basketball star, graduated from UCLA with a degree in film and broke into TV doing commercials, which led to roles on Adam-12, Marcus Welby, M. His portrayal of beat cop Hill landed him an Emmy nomination last year. Sikking (Lieutenant Howard Hunter) spent some time in the military, where, in his own words, he fought the bloody battle of Fayetteville, North Carolina. Sikkings movie credits include The Electric Horseman, The Competition and Ordinary People.

Half of the actors were occupied on stage 15, completing the interior precinct shots, while the other half were off shooting at various locations in downtown Los Angeles.

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