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He wouldhave them bathed and fed, but there was that smell and he would beslurring his words.

I have been distanced from her for years, butnow i am the best thing since sliced bread. He will start in on me over nothing, like he is picking a fight withme about my children, or putting me down.

Her partner died and she wants me to pack up my lifeand move in with her. I allow him in my house to cause chaos and possibly emotionallyscar my kids.

A few of my students did but they were positive enough for the most part. I don't want to disclose too much information but I will answer a few questions, but I'm not in Seoul. Do you feel like you're not being true to your political stance/personal beliefs by standing idly by while other people (Korean and foreigners) are being homophobic?

Also you are perfectly to entitled to encourage students to think about their views without outing yourself or upsetting anyone if you know how to go about it. I'm looking for more nuanced information on being a lesbian (or bi/gay) in the Seoul Metro Area. - The clubs I've been too have been cool, but they are mostly lesbian only. - I've found that it doesn't really come up. (I'm slightly masculine of centre and a lot of straight people here would guess that I'm gay) - Never.

I wonder when i am going to have enoughcourage to pack our things and go. I let someonetake away my joy because in the back of my mind i am waiting for himto get drunk and embarrass me or scream at my kids for somethingsmall.

He had beenlate so many times, they were sick of it and fired him. It was a huge commitment on my part for 18months, but somehow we made it through.

I feel so lost and sosick of being verbally abused and feeling like i make him so unhappythat the only way he could cope is by drinking. Most nights he goes on a verbal rampage until i lock myself in thebedroom and he eventually passes out. My brother will get angry at my cousin or my aunt and tell me to relaymessages to them, putting me in the middle of his battles.

When we became pregnant, hepromised to stop and never managed to. I pray this gets better, because if we separate we will both loseour minds, and i may even take up drinking myself to relieve the pain.

Until finally, i quit trying to get him to come tobed.

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