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There are many short and bald guys with gorgeous girlfriends who often times taller than a guy. If you have a real confidence, you will never have problems getting a girlfriend or a wife.

There are also many tall guys who are lonely and don’t have a girlfriend. To prove my point let’s discuss those 3 “shortcomings” one by one. Yes, being short might affect your chances with some girls but it doesn’t mean you will not be able to get a girlfriend at all.

Q: What does your girlfriend and a condom got in common? The first one I called 7 Up, because he had 7 inches and he knew how to keep it up. And the rich man says "I'm getting her a diamond ring and a Marcedes." "Why both? And the rich man says "That way if she doesn't like the ring she can still enjoy the Marcedes when she returns the ring." And then the rich man asks the poor man "What are you getting your girlfriend?

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Not only is this a waste of time and embarrassing, it can also hurt your self-confidence. Not only can you find local girls online, but you can also meet women from all around the world when you sign up to a dating website.

The women you meet online are there for the same reason as you are—to find a companion and maybe see if there is enough of a connection there to form a relationship with.

A little work and some confidence will help you land a beautiful girl no matter how you look or how much money you have.

It can be downright humiliating when you think you’re cool with a girl that you’ve been hanging out with and when you ask her to become your girlfriend, she turns you down.

Even many taller girls don’t mind dating a shorter guy if you have other qualities that can make you more attractive to girls than typical tall guys such as humor or as we mentioned before confidence.

If you are a short guy you can act more boldly than a tall guy without making a girl feel uncomfortable because she will not feel threatened by your presence. It is hard to say if being bald is the bad or good thing when trying to find a girlfriend.

Q: What's 6 inches long, 2 inches wide and drives your girlfriend wild? Q: What do you call your ex-girlfriend with Pms and Esp? That way if she doesn't like the slippers she can go fuck herself." Flowers A man comes home with a bokay of flowers for his girlfriend and she says "I guess I'll have to spread my legs now." And her boyfriend asks "Why, don't you have a vase?

A: If they're not on your dick they're in your wallet. The second one I called mountain dew, because when it came to mounting he knew what to do. Then the other girl interrupts saying "Hold on a minute. " The girl smiles and says "Yes it is" Rich & Poor A rich man and a poor man are both buying anniversary gifts for their girlfriends. " And the poor man says "I'm buying her a pair of slippers and a dildo.

Yes being rich can be an advantage but you will usually attract the type of girls you should stay away from.

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