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Most of Dear’s posts on the message board were made in the Spirituality forum.He also posted requests for dates on the South Carolina forum.The American Life Center (AFLC) and the Thomas More Law Center of Chicago are filing a complaint against the Northland Family Planning Clinic (NFPC), security guards, police officers and the city of Westland for the unlawful arrest and false imprisonment of pro-life advocate Kimberley Thames.

He said he was spending his last days in prison “downsizing” his possessions in his cell, and said the nature of his crime, and his remorse, made him reluctant to celebrate upon release.

“I don’t want to come out with a ticker tape, fireworks,” he said.

Canada, the true north strong and free except if you're Pro-Life or too Christian.

The really sad thing is we have no hope of ever changing this situation.

The really sad thing is we have no hope of ever changing this situation. Our Lady of Guadalupe, Patroness of the Unborn and of the America's, pray for us and for this world in your Son's name to turn the hearts of all to Him and to the protection of life, from conception to natural death, for His Glory. Precious blood of Jesus cover all the unborn and their mothers and give them a tender heart and replace their heart of stone.

Canadians just don't care to be informed about the life issues. God is in control and He knows the cries of His little ones. Looks like we in Canada just stepped from socialism into communism.

Citing a report at the New York Times, reported Monday that Robert Lewis Dear, the suspect currently being held in the Colorado Springs shooting, “appears to have posted religious rants and solicitations for women on the website Cannabis.com, and also had a dating ad at Sexy ” According to the report, Dear appears to enjoy “Casual sex, BDSM, A long term relationship, Spanking.” This, according to the low-information left now engaged in a campaign of hate against white male Christians, is a “Christian.” And a “pro-lifer.” I suppose it’s technically possible one could oppose abortion, profess to be a follower of Christ and enjoy certain, ahem, activities of a somewhat dark nature, but it just doesn’t fit the mold.

posted a dating profile that appears to belong to Dear: added: He last posted on using that profile in January 2006.

It’s far more likely this is an individual in serious need of help from a mental health professional.

But facts no longer matter to liberals, especially when there’s an agenda to advance.

He said he has a job offer to be a trainer at a Spring Garden gym.

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