Dating a white girl with a black child

Andrews and Mc Meel Publishing, 148 pages, .95 Loving across the Color Line: A White Adoptive Mother Learns about Race By Sharon E. Rowman & Littlefield, 190 pages, .95 hites who adopt black children are widely viewed with suspicion.

The Bateses first saw Lynn, by pre-arrangement, when she and a social worker visited rabbits and kittens at a pet store. She looked just as she did in the photographs, wearing the same red and white plaid dress and white stockings and shiny shoes that the kindly social worker had purchased for her. Gloria was standing stiffly at my side, and I could sense she was highly upset. I whispered, "We can turn around and walk right out the door." Gloria took my hand and squeezed it a little. Then she led me firmly, as she would so many times in the years ahead, toward our destiny -- back to the rear of the store, back to the kittens and rabbits and the little girl who had waited so terribly long to meet her mom and dad.

Two years later the Bateses adopted another little girl, the product of a relationship between a black man and a white 14-year-old.

In one of several messages he left on the Bateses' telephone answering machine, he reportedly said: "Go ahead, Liska. "In our community of one hundred thousand," Bates observes, "with barely a sprinkling of people of color, Liska had never met anyone quite like [him]." Bereft of exposure that might have provided antibodies against Lee's infectious influence, Liska fell victim to it.

Bates recognizes that he and his wife were tardy and unsophisticated in their efforts to seek assistance.

The Bateses immediately faced the task of protecting their new children from racism, prejudice against adoptees and kindred menaces. have [in your biological children] is like a clear, pristine mountain stream," an uncle declared.

"Why would you want to spoil something so pure by mixing it with polluted, muddy water?Are they dangerously naive about the realities of racism?Are they racial missionaries seeking to "save" black children from blackness? Moreover, as if the suspicions of strangers were not enough to contend with, white adopters must also frequently deal with nagging doubts of their own.Rush's Loving across the Color Line: A White Adoptive Mother Learns about Race.All three are eye-opening, although not entirely in the ways their authors intended.Are they more interested in demonstrating political virtue than in pursuing the prosaic tasks of parenthood?

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