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A Betrayed Husband In 1970s, I was still a senior high school student. The wife was very good looking and the husband was a handsome man. Suddenly, there was a rumor amongst my neighborhoods that the handsome husband had a hidden young mistress.I lived with my parents in a luxurious block on setiabudhi street Bandung. His wife came to my house with tears on her cheeks.

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It started when he got a job in CHICAGO he had to abandoned me for another lady,he started given me excuse and later he said he doesn't want me anymore I became so diver stated,until I have to go through spell caster forum, I tried many but non could yeald me a better result until I met Dr.

Jagem of supremacytemple who casted a spell for me and told me not to worry in seven days I will smile like never before,in four days time I received a call from him asking to forgive him that he is ready to marry me now completing the seven days he bought me car as a make up gift,we are happy together as one, all thanks to Dr.

Relationships When it comes to relationships, women need a lot of attention and care.

If, with time, you have not been able to give what she needs, then there are chances that she is considering this relationship to be over and contemplating moving out.

Having healthy and productive conversations with your wife will help you understand each other better.

If you are not able to do some things she demands, then you have to talk it out and let her know.This itself, can act as an antidote to failing marriages.Converse well Talk, talk and do more talking, but keep it healthy. The stories are not related one another, but I am trying to tell you one by one. I have two true short stories regarding the black magic and I saw with my own eyes.Do not ignore Ignoring your wife is worse than fighting with her.

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