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If you have lived in France longer than three months (and applying under PUMA), you can register for French healthcare via your local CPAM () office.

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This guide explains everything you need to know about accessing the French healthcare system: ), which are usually deducted from your salary.

In 2016 employees paid around 8 percent in total, while employers paid around 13 percent of salary towards health costs.

Self-employed workers and business owners typically get French healthcare cover from day one of starting their business.

The process is not automatic, however, so you will need to follow each step of the process.

Your French healthcare card is not necessarily issued automatically; you can ask for it once you are registered with the healthcare system in France.

It is advised to follow-up on the process, as getting your with you to any French healthcare appointment – GP, specialist, hospital or even pharmacy – with a card reader.

There are also other small charges that must be paid for by the patient, for example, a EUR 1 out-of-pocket charge per GP visit.

The French healthcare system is considered among the top healthcare systems in Europe, scoring well for the abundance of doctors, low waiting times and good healthcare spending, although French doctors tend to medicalise many conditions and hand out lots of drugs.

If you're self-employed, you need to contact the (RSI) instead.

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