Dating an ambivalent man

Yet he’s irresistable and easy to fall in love with . Findling’s target audience would be women who are unhappy in relationships that seem to lack commitment or a stable future.

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I’m amazed by how many I know who may be described as ambivalent.

In fact, most of the men that I’ve found myself infatuated with could be described as ambivalent.

As I sail through the first few pages, I’m dumbfounded by Findling’s description of “The Runner”. Although it is packed with information, and loaded with psychological observations (Findling is a psychotherapist), I found this book to be a quick read. Unfortunately, I came to the decision earlier this year that I no longer want to run from relationship due to fear. Singleness is okay, as long as I remain single for healthy reasons… Ultimately, it never worked and I walked away feeling tremendously relieved. I find myself approaching another potential relationship right now – and I already want to run.

As she describes and labels these men who avoid commitment, run from relationship, use women, manipulate others’ feelings, and criticize marriage, I picture several men I know and place them in the most appropriate categories.

My mom called me up one day to tell me she bought a book for me from the thrift store.

She knows that I read tons of book about singleness and relationships and psychology.

In fact, ambivalence towards marriage can last indefinitely.

Spouses with conflicting goals or values might initially contemplate divorce only to later back away from that idea and attempt to make a compromise work so as to preserve their union.

The author says that any woman who answers “yes” to at least three questions is very likely ambivalent.

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