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Go out, meet people, start a hobby even if it’s just to get your mind off things.

And make sure he knows your busy bee activities, as not only will it keep him intrigued by you, it will make him feel grateful for getting to spend a little time with you.

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But a relationship, like everything else, is progressive.

So it then goes into the stage where you’re both comfortable with each other, which means you don’t need to call each other every few hours in order to feel loved. [Read: What to wear to bed with your boyfriend] #4 Pay attention to appearance As shallow as this sounds, you have to make a first impression or a good series of first impressions.

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For him, not calling simply would mean you’re busy, and he’d never think that you’re not interested. Here is your modus operandi to make him love you more, effortlessly.

So your task is to keep him interested, and make him want you. HOW TO MAKE HIM LOVE YOU #1 Be busy Never make it look like you’re sitting by the phone waiting for his call, even if you are.

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Just let him see that true confident girl that you are, and let him know that you don’t really need him around all the time too.

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