Dating and marriage in costa rica

Shady Areas for Women Shannon says: Limón and downtown San José Clothing Shannon says: In beach towns, it is perfectly ok to wear bikinis with short shorts around town.

If you are traveling alone and don’t want to attract a lot of attention simply dress less sexy.

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Carry yourself in a way that doesn’t affirm that stereotype if you don’t align with it.

Wearing expensive jewelry can send the signal to certain ticos that you are their ticket to an easier life.

Buses are very safe (although the coca cola station in downtown San José is known for muggings).

Taxis are also safe, just stick with the marked and licensed taxis.

In a small mountain town it’s cooler so dress accordingly.

There is no concern to cover your legs or wear skirts and dresses.

Hopefully the next president will be more “gay friendly.” President Chinchilla certainly is not.

Shannon says: Women have a right to vote and hold jobs.

If you practice common sense you should have no problems.

Ticos can be romantic, and are usually very old fashioned. I am a married lesbian and have experienced more hospitality here than in the United States.

Be aware, however, that dressing skimpy in small towns will cause you to stand out.

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