Dating antique pewter

Mold measures 8 3/4 inches long and makes a spoon that is approx. 0 The following pewter items are all antique originals, dating from either the 18th century, or early 19th. Many times the style of pewter from this period changed little over the decades, as often the same molds were employed for many years.

We attempt to describe these pieces as accurately as possible and when possible, give our opinion as to region of manufacture and date.

All have minor scratches and a nice patina consistent with their age. The plate is the very early Townsend and Compton mark with double touch marks and four hallmarks.

dating antique pewter-68

The four hallmarks are, first a shield, then a dagger on a flag, then a lion, and last T & C. The underside is stamped with the touch mark of Sven Burg, master smith, as well as the "I. The candlesticks measure 4 1/2 inches tall and would have been used to hold a small candle for melting sealing wax.

This mark is the earliest Townsend and Compton mark dating from 1784 to 1802. Partial touch marks are "HENRY", "H D", and various other "shields". They have a nice mellow patina and are in excellent condition.

Comes with original spoon that was found in the mold.

Although this spoon has some casting flaws, I would expect this mold to produce good castings.

Late 18th-Early 19th century with rat-tail under bowl.

The original mold this spoon is cast from is possibly American-made as it has a slightly more folksy appearance with it's primitive design work on the handle. Hand cast in original molds using lead-free pewter, these plates are the ultimate for authentic dining in your period home or camp.

Mold measures 7 3/4 inches long and makes a spoon that is approx. Appears to have had a replacement alignment pin added at some time.

Mold is in excellent condition with extremely good fit between the mold halves and .

Offered in the traditional dinner plate size of 8 1/2 inch diameter. This set, new, would currently would retail for 0....

(Other sizes are available, please inquire) Satin finish. Made in Williamsburg Virginia at Shirley Pewter, these heavy, spun pewter plates with turned edges are in very good condition; some are like new, a few have utensil marks from being lightly used, but all have been taken care of very well and retain their high polish. 5 ORIGINAL SPOON MOLD #1 Bronze mold for casting pewter spoons in the Hannover pattern. Original alignment pin is present and mold is in excellent condition with good fit between the mold halves.

American made pewter, from one of the best makers in the country at a fraction of the new, retail price. Mold measures 7 7/8 inches long and makes a spoon that is approx. Comes with spoon that was found in the mold, though it is probably a more recent casting.

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