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Instead, the person silently battles against themselves behind closed doors.

But people who suffer from mental illness know that their conditions can indeed affect those around them.

Some of these places are said to be landing – spot of UFO.

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I have, however, suffered from anxiety/stress/worry since I was about 28 or so.

I am gradually bringing my anxiety under control but I would very much like to treat this problem as it would help treat my anxiety and enable me to socialize with people without fear.

At times, symptoms like racing thoughts, paranoia and rock-bottom self-worth can make a person behave out of character. And because of the stigma attached to mental illness, people can feel afraid to admit that they are acting up because their health is suffering.

Sarah, a 28-year-old who works in London, says that she has dealt with feelings of depression since she was a child.

Common forms of social phobia have to do with anxiety around dating, or anxiety around public speaking, but there are many people who qualify for the diagnosis with a more general report of anxiety in diverse social interactions.

I can’t know that this is your specific problem, but I can say that it’s something you might want to ask a psychologist or psychiatrist to consider when evaluating you for this difficulty.

Your choice of visiting a psychologist or psychiatrist is significant in regard to the treatment for this problem.

Social Phobia is very treatable in general, but a psychiatrist will most likely treat with anti-anxiety medications and a psychologist with Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy (CBT) for Anxiety.

“I often find it difficult to make eye contact, I sometimes avoid people altogether,” she says.

“I kind of feel like if I don't look at people or make any noise, by usually by hiding in my phone then I'm invisible. ” Her inability to make eye contact with others has caused serious problems in her personal life, including a rift with her then-boyfriend’s mother whom she was living with.

This condition occurs with whoever I am having a conversation with, i.e., men, women, young, old, work colleagues friends and relatives.

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