Dating assholes

Well as you can see from the chart above, that leaves the attractive jerks, the unattractive nice guys and the unattractive jerks. Fact 4.) If you are a female and attempting to a date a male over 30 that is “attractive”, there is a greater chance you will be dating someone that is “attractive” and not “nice” than there is of you dating someone that is “attractive” and “nice”. And honestly MY MIND IS BLOWN when I see some of their ridiculous interactions with these guys.

And yes, there are still diamonds in the rough, not every single nice and attractive guy is in a relationship. Or when I hear about some of the absurd things that happen during the dates. And so I tried to figure out, how this was possible.

I have a life time ban from eharmony, which leaves me with I’ve worked them and got YOU GUYS 20% PERCENT discount on membership.

dating assholes-30

BUT it might be a fair assumption to state: Fact 3.) Most (more than 50%) “attractive” and “nice” guys over 30 are in a relationship. How do all these guys seem to have the emotional intelligence of a rock?

And so, as a man of science, and logic, I tried to figure out HOW the FUCK it was possible that a great percent of these guys my friends are going out with, are clowns.

She was telling me about how she was having some reservations because the last time (and one of the first times) they hung out she had identified some “Strikes”.

See below: And I’m only using this one specific example, as a seed for the idea for this blog.

This is actually a re-occurring theme I’ve noticed with many of my female friends.

My female friend from the thread above is attractive, smart, funny, and sassy, and I have no doubt she won’t put up with a guy that doesn’t shape up…but, but there is that moment of “but he’s so prettyyyy”.We all have that moment, and that moment is a natural emotional reflex of compromising.It’s completely normal to rationalize and compromise, at least initially (granted I’m an engineer who writes an online dating blog and I know nothing about normal human interactions).The NEXT post (maybe, depending on how much you hate this one) will hope to explain why they are, and can be assholes.In summary, this post is “why are the only guys left to date are assholes” and the next post is “why can they be assholes”.What’s not normal is being an ass clown in the first place.

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