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In the European atlas, I discover that the serial number for Zimmermann grand pianos ran a different sequence, and Serial number 42.

Continue Reading The Baldwin Acrosonic piano was introduced in 1936 and eventually became one of the most popular pianos in the world.

Its small size, reasonable price and good quality made it very attractive to consumers who wanted a compact piano of at least adequate quality.

Serial numbers for this company from 1913-1919 range from 23,000-29,000.

A good example of how number series were often chosen to correspond to year numbers.

In the early days of piano making some companies switched to a different series of serial numbers every year and did not keep the same sequence.

Some did this to keep the competition confused as to unit output; pianos were as competitive then as computers are today.

At times, this can be a simple process for the popular brands of instruments that many purchase; one can obtain a reference book called a Piano Atlas.

These books are printed on a yearly basis with the previous year’s information updated or corrected as the publisher re-prints from year to year.

What I mean is that the 2nd digit of the serial number corresponds to the 4This was a piano name used by Mason & Risch from 1909-25.

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