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My interest turned to men from the UK, as it’s English language and the only foreign language that I knew a little bit.

I was reading information about the mentality and characteristics of its citizens, and it all seemed unreal.

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So, when he met my daughter, they quickly hit it off. He doesn’t even remember that she is not his daughter, except when some documents from the biological father are needed. My husband sends you his greetings and says thank you for the good wife.

The time flew quickly and he had to return to the UK. It seemed like a fairy tale that suddenly finished. Chats on Skype sometimes were full of silent pauses, and in one such moment he offered me to marry him. We have full mutual understanding and an excellent family. The most important is to have a dream and follow it, because dreams have the wonderful quality to become true.

They were described as boring, calculating, and fussy, and I didn’t hope that I would be successful.

Because at that moment I lived with my child from the previous marriage in a small town in outskirts of Belarus.

Of course, there were errors, it’s quite hard to communicate through a software translator, but it didn’t stop me. I tried to move the calls while simultaneously learning dialogs in English. The conversation didn’t work out: He got upset because of my poor English, and offered to pay for my lessons, so that by the time he arrives to visit me I would be speaking perfect English.

After this conversation my desire and fighting spirit to find my destiny disappeared.You will be surprised to see a thin 60-year old who is running her morning cross, enjoying music from earphones.You will be carried away even more when you meet a single young girl who looks like a supermodel without any makeup on. My husband and I met on your website about 3 years ago and decided to share our story with you.When I registered on the site, I was skeptical about such methods of finding a partner, but my curiosity finally took over.Find the profiles of beautiful women from Belarus on a reliable dating website, such as, and meet a nice girl for marriage.

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