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Only when you make it to the bedroom should you mention your CPAP therapy, because at that point the setting will be intimate enough to finally introduce the subject. Having something funny to say will diffuse the awkwardness – if there is any.There is a good chance that CPAP is a big part of your life, and you probably already have a few jokes mulling around.The first thing you need to know about dating and CPAP is that you don’t need to tell your special someone about your CPAP treatment right away.

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It’s okay – you can admit that, at least to yourself.

The truth is that CPAP doesn’t really fit in to our cultural picture of modern romance.

Explain that your CPAP mask stops you from snoring. What if your partner is turned off after seeing you with your CPAP mask on?

This is a common fear among CPAP users – a fear that causes some people to stop using their masks when they’re with that special someone – but studies have shown that all this worrying is for nothing.

Seems like it is to the rest of you guys think??

Susan Mc Cord :-)Awwwww, but Duane has a GREAT sense of humor!!!

According to the American College of Chest Physicians CPAP compliance doesn’t interfere with the quality of your sex life.

So there you have it: There’s no reason Chances are the lovely new person in your life will be totally understanding of your sleep apnea. Well, hey, sounds like this person isn’t worthy of your dashing good looks and winning personality in the first place! Jessica Weil is a B2B and B2C copywriter who works with clients in a broad range of industries to produce strategic, brand-aligned blog posts, website copy, emails and social media content.

After all, CPAP masks don’t exactly scream romantic or sexy.

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