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And also with many omens traditional in our country.

The pregnant women are not recommended to meet the sick persons, look at the snakes or have their hair cut, sew or cut, buy something for a future child.

Generally speaking, the ceremony of marriage is called here “fun” (‘veselye’) – it is real fun!

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And to share the joy of unity of the countries, times and people.

Our guests notice the main regularity: traditions in Ukraine are closely connected with the everyday, calendar and religious life. Like in many nations, a lot of Ukrainian traditions and events were connected with the agricultural calendar.

It is interesting that your young people are pleased to keep them – the tourists tell us. This fact confirms the existence of the folk soul, gratitude to our ancestors, deep memory (the scientists call it the archetypical memory) and perception of generation connection.

Ukrainian traditions, living and rather interesting folk heritage has been formed for many centuries.

Natural hospitability and cheerfulness was passed on from generation to generation exactly through these everyday Ukrainian customs. Its origination and existence is accompanied by many Ukrainian rituals and rites, Ukrainian customs and traditions.

Making a formal proposal of marriage (in a traditional ceremony with matchmakers coming to the house of the prospective bride's father), engagement, arrangements and covering the head of the bride (a move from the maidenhead to the married life), bachelorette party (hen party) or wedding train, invitation and wedding march with many ransoms for the bride – our contemporaries follow all these merry elements with pleasure.

It accused the UK of allowing Chinese criminal gangs to systematically undervalue goods imported into the EU through Dover and Felixstowe, avoiding billions of pounds in customs duty and VAT that should have been paid to Brussels.

The EU claims that Britain was made aware of the fraud more than ten years ago but failed to take action, costing Brussels €2.7 billion in lost revenue.

Traditions in Ukraine are connected with the Old-Ukrainian heathen attributes.

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