Dating dahling

However, for the snowflake generation, the meaning has altered to become clothing that makes you feel ‘invested’ in yourself.

In other words, it’s justification for buying an item you believe will score you a job or a partner.

Dating dahling amputeedating com amputee women

Such is the capricious nature of fashion that groutfit has most recently been celebrated as now being chic, liberating and comfortable.

Hair Director Don’t you dare call them a hairdresser!

London and New York fashion weeks have just finished, Milan is on now, and the biggie, Paris, starts next week.

Now, anyone with a computer or smartphone can have a front-row seat to the catwalk shows, thanks to the fact most designers stream them live over the internet. Arm Party No, not a real party — but rather an arm adorned with several ornate bracelets (big, chunky styles, as seen on the Marni catwalk).

Belfie A term coined by Kim Kardashian, the reality star with the unfeasibly famous bottom. Can be worn in the traditional way or — 2018 update! Chandel-ears Wearing an enormous pair of statement — or chandelier — earrings. Often bum-skimmingly short — and so popular with celebrities.

A belfie is a picture of your rear, taken from behind then posted on social media — the word being a cheeky amalgamation of ‘bottom’ and ‘selfie’. ‘She’s so bold pairing that dress with those fabulous chandelears.’Civilian A person who is not part of the fashion world — i.e. Ear jacket Not a sweet way of keeping the extremities warm, the ear jacket and its little sister, the ear crawler, is an earring style.

Look at labels such as Mi H or go High Street at Top Shop and Zara. Kicks Never call a spade a spade (or a shoe a shoe) in fashion. Some say that it derives from over a century of slang; it was apparently first used to mean shoes in 1897.

Lampshading Sounds like a sinister dating term but is used to describe someone dressed in the manner of a floor lamp.

AOPPronounced like the Yorkshire ‘eh up, love’, this means All Over Print.

Think a very patterned Diane von Furstenberg wrap dress, or a clashing, patterned blazer and pair of trousers.

Today’s backstage crimpers are known as hair directors (possibly as they have the reputation for being fearsome divas).

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